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MVS simplifies your video offerings with a range of cost-effective services and advanced technologies.  Whether your company is new to the business or has decades of experience, we can help!



Stop investing in an outdated headend and leave the upgrades and maintenance to us.  With our 100% IPTV, MPEG-4 headend, we can receive your custom content and transport it to your network reliably and at a fraction of the cost.  Save on local personnel as well!


MVS recently invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) servers and the latest encoders.  We make it possible for any video provider to offer a streaming option, with just local channels or the full cable lineup.


For start-up video providers, MVS middleware gives them a jump on their deployments, with a full suite of features, including cloud-based DVR, video-on-demand, customer authentication, messaging, and many other applications.


Our contracts with state and regional fiber networks allow us to extend wholesale transport rates to deliver your video content securely and reliably over vast distances and to remote locations.


Video has the least consumer tolerance for interruptions and outages.  In the rare event of a problem, our network monitoring and security systems provide you with alarms and alerts before your customers are even aware.


MVS meets your content providers’ security requirements with full encryption over a conditional access platform.  Whether the servers are located on the edge of your network or at our data center, your content is 100% protected.


Our team can guide you through the complexities of video with engineering, IT, regulatory and management services.  We have more than 30 years of experience solving video’s greatest challenges.  MVS also maintains partnership with key affiliates, such as Innovative Systems, Cooperative Network Services, Border States, and more.  These partnerships can help you get to market faster.