Midwest Video Solutions is a certified Extreme Reseller. Please contact us for a quote.
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We build networks that deliver better experiences.

Simple, Fast, Smart Networks for Today’s Experience Economy

Your network users don't care about IT infrastructure or how it's managed. What they do care about is their experience as they use applications. They expect to connect easily, with any device. And everything has to be fast. Status quo networking solutions just aren’t enough anymore. Now you need to deliver a superior connectivity experience.

Extreme Networks provides simple, fast and smart data center and mobility solutions. This enables you to deliver a superior experience to your network users via unified management and analytics software integrated with high performance networking such as 100G connectivity and 802.11ac at the wireless edge.

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Midwest Video Solutions also partners with Border States to benefit its members. Though MVS’s signal will work on a wide variety of set top boxes, Border States and MVS have partnered to offer you a discounted rate on ADB set top boxes. If you’re interested in this offering, we encourage you reach out to Border States to find out more here.